EarnestDD Basher = Douglas Sass & Karen Codella Sass

Douglas Sass & Karen Karen Codella Sass a couple of paid Basher and scammers have been working diligently with Bandera Gold crooks in the active smear campaign. They use the handle "EarnestDD" on iHUB. Some will remember this duo from when they used to post on RagingBull as "Gribbit" and "Microcap_Matty two of the biggest and most active bashers on Ragingbull.  I also think little "Andy" is being groomed to take over the family bashing business!



Douglas Sass

Credit & Collections Specialist at Donald B. Rice Tire Co., Inc.
Washington D.C. Metro Area

Karen Codella Sass

Production Planner/Master Scheduler at Lonza

Frederick, Maryland (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

There is also new evidence showing that "Hal Sass", Doug's brother is also involved in IHUB Bashing for SHORTS.