13 Reasons why Bandera Gold Ltd is a SCAM!

13 Reasons why Bandera Gold Ltd. is a SCAM!

1. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. from Edmonton Canada involved in Money Laundering Scheme

2. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. and Russel Renneberg Poisoned Cattle at Cinco Minas. Straight from the horse's mouth. Can't get better proof than this.

3. PROOF Bandera's frivolous lawsuit against MSJ has been dismissed by Mexican Supreme Court on August 17, 2011.

4. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. has NOT been on at the Cinco Minas property for five years and is NOT wanted by local community. This video is Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Bandera has not been at Cinco Minas for over 5 years and has NO CHANCE of ever setting foot there. The guy in the video is Fernando Becerra, a local Cinco Minas Ejidatario who is MAD with Bandera Gold for having them work and not paying them a dime! Video is clear as day to understand.... the anger the Cinco Minas community have for Bandera Gold is indisputable. Fernando speaks English so should be easy to understand. And yes, it was filmed right in the heart of the town of Cinco Minas.... that's the local Ejidatarios office in the background. Bandera's fate is sealed!!!

5. PROOF Bandera Gold is NOT listed on the Mexican Mining Registry (search Cinco Minas title numbers)

6. PROOF that Bandera's Investor Relations employee Richard Novis involved in past Scams

7. PROOF that Bandera Gold was rejected by Mexican Mining Registry when requesting Title name change

8. PROOF Bandera Gold hired Mickey Mouse lawyer Gerardo Rojas Pedraza to file frivolous lawsuit against MSJ

9. PROOF Alfonso Sanchez Navarro vs. MSJ/Mineria Amajac remains active in Mexican courts and lien remains on titles

10. PROOF that Bandera Gold received Letter from Daniel Cuartas Tamayo on July 24, 2007 notifying Bandera that they where in breach of contract. Daniel Cuartas Tamayo also signed with Bandera for the Belmira property in Colombia, same guy that signed the letter to Bandera claiming they did not honor contract. Funny how Bandera only has two properties, one in Mexico and one in Colombia and both are linked to George Barnett Salazar and MSJ in every way.

11. PROOF Bandera Gold is guilty by association to wanted criminal and extortionist George Barnett. Here is the Mexican police report.

12. PROOF that Bandera has lost court case again. "MINERIA AL DIA" did a review of how the court case was LOST! you will notice they are quoting the amparo 2634/2010 regularly throughout the article.

13. PROOF that Bandera directors Russel James Rennberg, Kelvin Roy Williams, Stephen Roehrig, Don Bossert, Robert (Bob) Morrison, Peter Gommerud are wanted for FRAUD and making death threats in Mexico. This official police report by the PGR has been verified and confirmed with the Mexican Police.
Download Police Report: http://gangstersout.com/BanderPoliceReport.pdf
Download Newspaper Article: http://gangstersout.com/BanderaGold.pdf

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