Proof Russel Renneberg comes from Family of Animal Killers

Having doubts that Bandera Gold Ltd. directors poisoned cattle at Cinco Minas??? here is proof Russel Renneberg comes from Family of Animal Killers! they kill animals for FUN, what makes you think they wouldn't have cattle killed for PROFIT as they did at Cinc Minas Mexico!!!

                   That's Old man Oscar, he is the CRAZIEST SOB of all the Rennberg's

Cudworth, Saskatchewan is a breeding ground for these kinds of scammers and animal killers that have NO RESPECT for the laws!

Cudworth made national news on August 10, 2009 when 3 men living in Cudworth pleaded guilty to a total of 15 counts of violating federal and provincial wildlife protection laws. They posted a video on YouTube showing them illegally shooting ducks and grebes out of season and from a vehicle, creating widespread public outrage.

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