Bandera Gold Directors Charged with Fraud and Death threats in Mexico!!!!

News is out that Bandera Gold Ltd. Directors Kelvin Williams, Russel James Renneberg and Don Bossert have been charged in Mexico with FRAUD and making Death Threats. Ongoing Money Laundering investigation with ties to the UN drug Gang in Canada. Major Mexican newspapers like El Informador and El Occidental have been  covering the Bandera Crime Story for months now and new newspapers are continuously publishing articles about this criminal group that uses canadian mining companies to launder millions of dollars in illicit funds. Some reporters are calling it the "Golden Triangle" because of the triangulation network between Mexico-Colombia-Canada!

Official PGR Police Report can be downloaded here:

Mexican Newspaper Article Download here:

                                              Fraudster Don Bossert
Donald R. Bossert Director of Bandera Gold Ltd. of Edmonton Canada and Rio Plata Exploration Corp.,  another mining structure setup by these crooks to launder millions of dollars. Rio Plata Exploration Corp (8169960Z:CN) is pending listing.

 Rio Plata Exploration Corp.
 #1120 - 470 Granville St
 Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

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