Stephen Roehrig…..seems others share same opinion

Search " Stephen Roehrig edmonton " and the list goes on.

I'd like to know how this individual is going to make this stock move forward because I really don't see how his 'expertise' is going to help. Perhaps I missed that part in the news release. Please correct me if I did miss that part.

I think I'll try to meditate my way into a position on the board of directors so I can pick up a paycheque too! Other than that I think my *cough* gains *cough* with this stock look pretty ... ummm... 'limited'.

Lets focus on the Mexican court system. It's our last hope as I see it. (HINT HINT)

Stephen Roehrig Education:

Building Construction Engineering Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (“NAIT”)? that's a real joke! .... this course only cost Stephen Roehrig a whopping $1,946 loonies!

Yup, his education definitely fits with the company he is now CEO of....

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