Questions by Blinded Bandera Investor - Reader Beware!

1) How long will the legal case take? Legal case has been lost by Bandera Gold Ltd. on August 17, 2011 as shown on the Mexican Supreme Court website. They might continue with an appeal of some kind to give the appearance to shareholders that there is still hope (pass the burning matchstick).... if that happens you are easily looking at a minimum 3 years in the Mexican Court System.

2) Is a settlement even possible? It's impossible, it's NOT convenient to either party to settle. First off, Bandera Gold Ltd./Russel Renneberg is a scam run by professional Scammers from Edmonton Canada. They have no interest in continuing with the Cinco Minas - Gran Cabrera project. They have already sold all their stock during their Pump and Dump many years ago, besides, settling would involve having to deal with sociopath George Barnett Salazar, and even people in Colombia know he is a Schizophrenic, Bi-polar Psychopath that cannot be TRUSTED anymore. Second, both Bandera/Russel James Renneberg and George Salazar Barnett know that Southridge owns Cinco Minas and arguing this fact would involve years of litigation (min. 5 years) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Third, both Bandera-Russel James Renneberg and George Salazar Barnett are aware of the fact that Southridge Minerals Inc. signed a Surface Rights Contract with the Cinco Minas Ejidatarios. There is NO arguing with this very important fact... Bandera Gold or George Barnett simply CANNOT and will NOT have access to the Cinco Minas properties for the next 50 years or until the contract with the Cinco Minas Ejidatarios expires. So without ACCESS to the mineral concessions you can't do any exploration, thus making it 100% IMPOSSIBLE for either Bandera Gold or George S Barnett to raise further monies.... its GAME OVER for both.

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