Cinco Minas - A Dark and Troubled History by George S Barnett

The author of this post was someone claiming to be George Barnett on Yahoo Finance:

My wife and I tried to keep the construction on the pilot plant going, unbeknownst to us, Bandera Gold Ltd. was paying locals to sabotage the construction of the pilot plant and after we finally got it up and running, the operations of the plant. Locals actually opened valves and poured cyanide laced waters out of the sump used to pump the water from the tailings pond back to the tanks feeding into the agitation tanks. They killed some of their own cattle!! We filed criminal complaints against them, but the parents asked us please not to prosecute the culprits as these were serious FEDERAL charges, and the only damages were the killing of their own cattle. We paid for watchmen to keep out thieves from the plant site for a long time after we were forced to shut down because of the sabotage and serious interruptions caused by attacks on my wife and me due to lies and false charges, rumors and troublemakers paid by Bandera Gold Ltd. to stir up trouble for us. During all times relevant we continuously asked BGL to sit down with us and settle our differences. The most telling fact, that is undeniable, is that at any time after we could no longer sustain the economic losses incurred due to the locals being paid to sabotage the pilot plant operations, Bandera Gold Ltd. could have followed through on its promises to the locals that: "Once you oust the Barnett´s we will step in within four days and you will all be fully employed again." This never happened.

The commonsense thing to have done was for BGL to continue to invest in the project and sue us in court IF we did not comply to the letter of the law with the Letter of Option. Instead, BGL chose the ambush approach, bribery and sabotaging of operations meant only to maintain the status quo, until and when BGL regained its senses. This has still not happened, but they will come to their senses some day. We liken it to the Germans in WWII, all went for naught, really not much was accomplished, except Europe was rebuilt and Germany is now one of the largest economies in the world.

We wish every positive result for the locals, for BGL shareholders and for ourselves or new owner/investors. However, just as the locals could not grasp that by sabotaging the pilot plant and the mining operations, they were crapping in their own soup, destroying one of the major sources of employment in this region since the mines shut down in after 1928 due to the violence and murdering of the American mining engineer(s) by the locals in the miners´ union established by ConcepciĆ³n Martinez who was arrested for machine gunning the home Trotsky was staying at in Mexico City. David Alfaro Siquieros, the great muralist was a founder of one of the first miners union in Mexico, and was a renowned leader of the Communist Party. He hid in a cave NNW of Hostotipaquillo, the county seat of the county Cinco Minas is located in. There has been a long history of destructive behavior and actions taken by locals stirred to action by outside agitators who leave behind death and destruction, with NO provision for feeding the poor or taking care of the elderly, both things my wife and I consider fundamental to being human.

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