Bandera Gold Director Russel James Renneberg Scamming investors Again!

Nothing honest about Russel James Renneberg of Sherwood Park, Edmonton CANADA, this Bandera Gold director has been at these scams many times before. He got investors to sink over $1.17 million into Gallowai Bul River! only difference is he wasn't the man on top and got stung by his old buddy Ross Stanfield!!! One thief steals from another, CLASSIC! LOL

How can you trust a man that wears sunglasses on a dark cloudy day? Only someone like Russel Renneberg who is trying to hide something would put on his shades!!!! No wonder Bandera Gold investors have jumped ship and stock has tanked to 3 cents. Usually TSX listed stocks don't fall under 10 cents after they finish their pump and dump promotion, but with BGL.V its going under a penny.
Russ Renneberg, Bob Morrison, Julio Mendez picture in Colombia. This was just a photo op  done to trick Bandera investors into thinking that they were actually working at the Belmira mine. No work whatsoever is being done at the Belmira property in Colombia. Only work being done is "money laundering" down in Colombia by Russ renneberg.


W&R Foundation Specialists Ltd
9320 49 St Nw Edmonton AB T6B 2L7 Canada
Karen and Russ Renneberg, Sherwood Park, Alberta

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