Bandera Gold (BGL.V) has NO Surface Rights!

In Mexico its simple... if you don't have Surface Rights you can't ACCESS the property no matter if you have the mineral concessions titles. Having mineral concession titles simply gives you the right to the minerals that are "UNDER-THE-SURFACE". It is up to the concession holder to work out a deal with the land owners, who in this case would be the "Ejidatarios"** of Cinco Minas. These Ejidatarios are free to do as they wish with their Land, including but not limited to leasing it to a 3rd party. There is no package deal when you acquire the mineral concession rights, no protection from the local Government, No LAW that obligates or forces the Ejidatario to sign with the concession holder.

That is why it is so important to have the Ejidatarios who are usually the workers or family of workers / miners on your good side..... which, we all know Bandera Gold Ltd. and George Barnett Salazar really messed that up!!! they turned the whole village of Cinco Minas against them when they left those poor people to starve to death. Its really not that hard to understand:


Can't even begin to compare this matter to oil & gas rights in US. Laws are different in Mexico... but just for fun let's entertain the idea that it could go to court, you would be looking at min. 5 years or more of litigation. Those Ejidatarios will definitely raise hell when they learn someone is trying to take away their current income. 

** A member of one of the communal land ownership schemes known as ejidos 

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