5 Tough Questions to Ask yourself about Bandera Gold Ltd.

1. Why has Bandera Gold Ltd. not visited the Cinco Minas property in the last 4 years? if they were so sure of getting the option back and winning that frivolous lawsuit they filed against Barnett, don't you think they would have made an effort to keep the local community of Cinco Minas happy and eager to work with them while things got resolved?

2. Why are the ONLY two properties that Bandera has optioned been from a George Barnett companies? why would a company put all their eggs in one basket... and during the last 4 years has the company NOT optioned other mineral concessions with huge potential and done any exploration to create shareholder value. Belmira in Colombia is junk, no amount of drill samples will change that. That's probably why George Barnett did a 2-for-1 special. He had nothing to loose with the Colombian property.

3. Why would you trust Bandera Gold Ltd. any longer when they replace a unknown, penny stock promoter like Kelvin Williams with an even worst candidate that has absolutely no experience in mining and only holds a diploma from local college and to top it off is a Monk? how can someone like that be of any value to a mining company???

4. Why would you trust or invest in a company like Bandera Gold Ltd. with a Board of Directors that like to kill animals for FUN???

5. Why would you hold on to any Bandera Gold Ltd. shares when you can clearly see from pictures and video that there is another company that currently owns and operates the Cinco Minas property in Mexico.

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