Richard Munroe Very DEEP in the Bandera Gold SCAM!!!

Richard Monroe just another pawn and a piece of the Bandera Gold criminal organization puzzle. This dirty former cop from Vancouver now turned "Geologist" is a key player in the Russel Renneberg Crime Group. He is listed as Technical Advisor on the Bandera Gold Website.

I will be publishing more of Richard Munroe's dirty deeds here on my blog over the following weeks!!!


EarnestDD Basher = Douglas Sass & Karen Codella Sass

Douglas Sass & Karen Karen Codella Sass a couple of paid Basher and scammers have been working diligently with Bandera Gold crooks in the active smear campaign. They use the handle "EarnestDD" on iHUB. Some will remember this duo from when they used to post on RagingBull as "Gribbit" and "Microcap_Matty two of the biggest and most active bashers on Ragingbull.  I also think little "Andy" is being groomed to take over the family bashing business!

Douglas Sass

Credit & Collections Specialist at Donald B. Rice Tire Co., Inc.
Washington D.C. Metro Area

Karen Codella Sass

Production Planner/Master Scheduler at Lonza

Frederick, Maryland (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

There is also new evidence showing that "Hal Sass", Doug's brother is also involved in IHUB Bashing for SHORTS.


Roy Renneberg (IHUB: Yoraces) deep in Criminal activities with brother Russ!

Roy Anthony Renneberg also part of Russel's gang in Sherwood Park, Edmonton Canada and deep into the Bandera Gold SCAM. This POS crook assists "Russ" by spreading fake rumors and information on internet stock bulletin boards using the moniker YORACES on InvestorHub. He works in conjunction with other brother Clayton Renneberg who uses moniker LONE RANGER 2.  Over the past year these crooks have been spending long hours online (up to 12 hours daily - each brother) trying to spread the message of their SICK Bandera Gold Ltd SCAM. They also post on STOCKHOUSE as YOR1 and UNCLETOM2 and Yahoo Finance as STACEYPELLE and UPBEAT63!

                              Roy Renneberg (Yoraces on IHUB)
Clayton Renneberg (Lone Ranger 2 on IHUB)



"Little Prince Charming" part of the Bandera Gold SCAM!

New information has surfaced proving that "Little Prince Charming" deep in the Money Laundering activities on behalf of Bandera Gold and UN Gang in Canada. This prince of thieves has kept a low profile over the last years but he was NO match to our investigative skills. We are blowing the lid on the Bandera Gold scam and exposing all these criminals!

13 Reasons why Bandera Gold Ltd is a SCAM!

13 Reasons why Bandera Gold Ltd. is a SCAM!

1. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. from Edmonton Canada involved in Money Laundering Scheme

2. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. and Russel Renneberg Poisoned Cattle at Cinco Minas. Straight from the horse's mouth. Can't get better proof than this.

3. PROOF Bandera's frivolous lawsuit against MSJ has been dismissed by Mexican Supreme Court on August 17, 2011.

4. PROOF Bandera Gold Ltd. has NOT been on at the Cinco Minas property for five years and is NOT wanted by local community. This video is Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Bandera has not been at Cinco Minas for over 5 years and has NO CHANCE of ever setting foot there. The guy in the video is Fernando Becerra, a local Cinco Minas Ejidatario who is MAD with Bandera Gold for having them work and not paying them a dime! Video is clear as day to understand.... the anger the Cinco Minas community have for Bandera Gold is indisputable. Fernando speaks English so should be easy to understand. And yes, it was filmed right in the heart of the town of Cinco Minas.... that's the local Ejidatarios office in the background. Bandera's fate is sealed!!!

5. PROOF Bandera Gold is NOT listed on the Mexican Mining Registry (search Cinco Minas title numbers)

6. PROOF that Bandera's Investor Relations employee Richard Novis involved in past Scams

7. PROOF that Bandera Gold was rejected by Mexican Mining Registry when requesting Title name change

8. PROOF Bandera Gold hired Mickey Mouse lawyer Gerardo Rojas Pedraza to file frivolous lawsuit against MSJ

9. PROOF Alfonso Sanchez Navarro vs. MSJ/Mineria Amajac remains active in Mexican courts and lien remains on titles

10. PROOF that Bandera Gold received Letter from Daniel Cuartas Tamayo on July 24, 2007 notifying Bandera that they where in breach of contract. Daniel Cuartas Tamayo also signed with Bandera for the Belmira property in Colombia, same guy that signed the letter to Bandera claiming they did not honor contract. Funny how Bandera only has two properties, one in Mexico and one in Colombia and both are linked to George Barnett Salazar and MSJ in every way.

11. PROOF Bandera Gold is guilty by association to wanted criminal and extortionist George Barnett. Here is the Mexican police report.

12. PROOF that Bandera has lost court case again. "MINERIA AL DIA" did a review of how the court case was LOST! you will notice they are quoting the amparo 2634/2010 regularly throughout the article.

13. PROOF that Bandera directors Russel James Rennberg, Kelvin Roy Williams, Stephen Roehrig, Don Bossert, Robert (Bob) Morrison, Peter Gommerud are wanted for FRAUD and making death threats in Mexico. This official police report by the PGR has been verified and confirmed with the Mexican Police.
Download Police Report:
Download Newspaper Article:

Bandera Gold insiders trying to use Cinco Minas to cover up Crimes they committed in Mexico

Bandera Gold insiders and Directors trying to use Cinco Minas to cover up Crimes they committed in Mexico

See for yourself, Kelvin Williams the former president of Bandera Gold Ltd. and man wanted by Mexican Police for FRAUD has direct links > to penny stock Scammers Jim Sikora and Terry Plummer both of Edmonton, Alberta

Jim Sikora part of the huge colombia gold scam TAO Minerals!
Link below showing Kelvin Williams and Jim Sikora together as officers Magdelana Minerals Ltd. (Click on "Include Inactive Officers" box)

Let us not forget to mention Kelvin Williams' direct link > to serial stock scammer Peter Sterling
Link below to NV SOS showing Kelvin Williams and Peter Sterling together as officers of Placer Gold Corporation (Click on "Include Inactive Officers" box)

Kelvin helped Peter on his Placer Gold Corporation (f/k/a Artic Oil and Gas Corp) and scammed many people out of fortunes.


There is doubt that Kelvin Williams has a dark and dirty history and now has done the same with bandera gold ltd

looks like the law caught up to Williams now and the mexican federal police want him fro FRAUD!

FAT CAT Lloyd Renneberg tied to Russel Renneberg Crimes

Here's another FAT CAT criminal that is also involved in the money laundering scheme
his name is Lloyd Renneberg also of the Renneberg crime family of Edmonton.
This FAT CAT lives in Calgary, Alberta and likes to pleasure himself with young prostitutes during his exotic vacation to Asia.

Canadian faces Thai sex charges in U.S.



Russel J Renneberg and his gang of thieves involved in more SCAMS and links with criminal underworld!

Check out another mining company scam run by the renneberg crook and his friends

Wolverine Exploration Inc
(see page 14 and 15)

Ralph Biggar who owns 4,000,000 shares has direct links to BC HELLS ANGELS NOMADS, Tony Pires

Richard Haderer who owns 5,000,000 shares is another well known scammer


Bandera Gold Directors Charged with Fraud and Death threats in Mexico!!!!

News is out that Bandera Gold Ltd. Directors Kelvin Williams, Russel James Renneberg and Don Bossert have been charged in Mexico with FRAUD and making Death Threats. Ongoing Money Laundering investigation with ties to the UN drug Gang in Canada. Major Mexican newspapers like El Informador and El Occidental have been  covering the Bandera Crime Story for months now and new newspapers are continuously publishing articles about this criminal group that uses canadian mining companies to launder millions of dollars in illicit funds. Some reporters are calling it the "Golden Triangle" because of the triangulation network between Mexico-Colombia-Canada!

Official PGR Police Report can be downloaded here:

Mexican Newspaper Article Download here:

                                              Fraudster Don Bossert
Donald R. Bossert Director of Bandera Gold Ltd. of Edmonton Canada and Rio Plata Exploration Corp.,  another mining structure setup by these crooks to launder millions of dollars. Rio Plata Exploration Corp (8169960Z:CN) is pending listing.

 Rio Plata Exploration Corp.
 #1120 - 470 Granville St
 Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5


Proof Russel Renneberg comes from Family of Animal Killers

Having doubts that Bandera Gold Ltd. directors poisoned cattle at Cinco Minas??? here is proof Russel Renneberg comes from Family of Animal Killers! they kill animals for FUN, what makes you think they wouldn't have cattle killed for PROFIT as they did at Cinc Minas Mexico!!!

                   That's Old man Oscar, he is the CRAZIEST SOB of all the Rennberg's

Cudworth, Saskatchewan is a breeding ground for these kinds of scammers and animal killers that have NO RESPECT for the laws!

Cudworth made national news on August 10, 2009 when 3 men living in Cudworth pleaded guilty to a total of 15 counts of violating federal and provincial wildlife protection laws. They posted a video on YouTube showing them illegally shooting ducks and grebes out of season and from a vehicle, creating widespread public outrage.

Alfonso Sanchez Navarro is George Barnett's worst nightmare. Some fun facts:

Alfonso Sanchez Navarro is George Barnett's worst nightmare. Some fun facts:

1. George Barnett borrowed money from Alfonso and decided to not pay him back!
2. George Barnett decided it would be smart to install high-tech surveillance equipment in advance of telling Alfonso of his decision to not paying him back.
3. Alfonso Sanchez explodes and is caught on tape threatening the life of George Barnett! (see youtube videos below)
4. George Barnett shows videos to Alfonso and laughs all the way to the bank.
5. George Barnett forgot Alfonso's uncle is a powerful politician in Mexico City! high, high up! and the reason why Barnett is on the run and has nothing.

Robo de Documentos y Titulos Mineros (these videos were filmed by secret spy equipment George Barnett had installed at MSJ offices)

Robo de Documentos y Titulos Mineros 1-4.wmv

Robo de Documentos y Titulos Mineros 2-4.wmv

Robo de Documentos y Titulos Mineros 3-4.wmv

Robo de Documentos y Titulos Mineros 4-4.wmv

36 page Court Document that Shows clearly that Bandera Gold has Lost Court Case in Mexico

Here is a link to the full 36 page court document that shows clearly that Bandera Gold Ltd. has lost court case in Mexico!

Download 36 page Court document:

Or you can download it straight from Mexican Supreme Court website:


5 Tough Questions to Ask yourself about Bandera Gold Ltd.

1. Why has Bandera Gold Ltd. not visited the Cinco Minas property in the last 4 years? if they were so sure of getting the option back and winning that frivolous lawsuit they filed against Barnett, don't you think they would have made an effort to keep the local community of Cinco Minas happy and eager to work with them while things got resolved?

2. Why are the ONLY two properties that Bandera has optioned been from a George Barnett companies? why would a company put all their eggs in one basket... and during the last 4 years has the company NOT optioned other mineral concessions with huge potential and done any exploration to create shareholder value. Belmira in Colombia is junk, no amount of drill samples will change that. That's probably why George Barnett did a 2-for-1 special. He had nothing to loose with the Colombian property.

3. Why would you trust Bandera Gold Ltd. any longer when they replace a unknown, penny stock promoter like Kelvin Williams with an even worst candidate that has absolutely no experience in mining and only holds a diploma from local college and to top it off is a Monk? how can someone like that be of any value to a mining company???

4. Why would you trust or invest in a company like Bandera Gold Ltd. with a Board of Directors that like to kill animals for FUN???

5. Why would you hold on to any Bandera Gold Ltd. shares when you can clearly see from pictures and video that there is another company that currently owns and operates the Cinco Minas property in Mexico.

Ex-MSJ Employee and Lawyer FRANCISCO JAVIER GRAJEDA CASTILLO Gunned Down and Killed!!!

MSJ was operated by George Barnett Salazar and is the company which Bandera Gold signed with for the Cinco Minas option. 2 people have bee shot dead and killed over the MSJ/Bandera dispute.

Here is one of them!!

Even more PROOF Bandera Gold is a SCAM! Daniel Cuartas Tamayo

Letter from Daniel Cuartas Tamayo, Director of Minera San Jorge (MSJ) to Kelvin Williams, President of Bandera Gold Ltd., dated July 24, 2007. In this letter Daniel Cuartas Tamayo is accusing Bandera Gold of not living up to its contractual obligations.

Daniel Cuartas Tamayo also signed with Bandera Gold Ltd. for the Belmira property in Colombia, same guy that signed the letter to Bandera Gold Ltd. claiming they did not honor contract. Funny how Bandera Gold only has two claims on properties, one in Mexico and one in Colombia and both are linked to George Barnett Salazar and MSJ in every way.

BULLETIN TYPE: Property-Asset Acquisition
BULLETIN DATE: October 26, 2004
TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing a Heads of Agreement dated October
19, 2004 between Nueva California S.A. (Daniel Cuartas Tamayo), Geosermin S.A.
(Daniel Cuartas Tama) (collectively the 'Vendors') and the Company whereby the
Company has been granted an option to acquire an 80% interest in the Belmira
gold-silver project located in Columbia. Consideration over four years is a
cash payment of US$30,000, the assumption of Nueva'a obligations under an
underlying agreement of US$250,000 and the issuance of a total of 2,000,000
shares to the Vendors (1,500,000 shares to Nueva and 500,000 shares to

The agreement also provides for bonus shares to be issued once project
financing is arranged for commercial production. Any proposed bonus shares
payable will be subject to further Exchange review and acceptance.

George Barnett Salazar wanted for Extortion in Mexico!!!

Bandera Gold Director Russel James Renneberg Scamming investors Again!

Nothing honest about Russel James Renneberg of Sherwood Park, Edmonton CANADA, this Bandera Gold director has been at these scams many times before. He got investors to sink over $1.17 million into Gallowai Bul River! only difference is he wasn't the man on top and got stung by his old buddy Ross Stanfield!!! One thief steals from another, CLASSIC! LOL

How can you trust a man that wears sunglasses on a dark cloudy day? Only someone like Russel Renneberg who is trying to hide something would put on his shades!!!! No wonder Bandera Gold investors have jumped ship and stock has tanked to 3 cents. Usually TSX listed stocks don't fall under 10 cents after they finish their pump and dump promotion, but with BGL.V its going under a penny.
Russ Renneberg, Bob Morrison, Julio Mendez picture in Colombia. This was just a photo op  done to trick Bandera investors into thinking that they were actually working at the Belmira mine. No work whatsoever is being done at the Belmira property in Colombia. Only work being done is "money laundering" down in Colombia by Russ renneberg.


W&R Foundation Specialists Ltd
9320 49 St Nw Edmonton AB T6B 2L7 Canada
Karen and Russ Renneberg, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Stephen Roehrig…..seems others share same opinion

Search " Stephen Roehrig edmonton " and the list goes on.

I'd like to know how this individual is going to make this stock move forward because I really don't see how his 'expertise' is going to help. Perhaps I missed that part in the news release. Please correct me if I did miss that part.

I think I'll try to meditate my way into a position on the board of directors so I can pick up a paycheque too! Other than that I think my *cough* gains *cough* with this stock look pretty ... ummm... 'limited'.

Lets focus on the Mexican court system. It's our last hope as I see it. (HINT HINT)

Stephen Roehrig Education:

Building Construction Engineering Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (“NAIT”)? that's a real joke! .... this course only cost Stephen Roehrig a whopping $1,946 loonies!

Yup, his education definitely fits with the company he is now CEO of....

Bandera Gold's Investor Relations Richard Novis (BAD to the Bone)

Bandera Gold Ltd. Investor Relations Employee Richard Novis linked to numerous proven scam companies. Richard is a good friend of Kelvin Williams who recently resigned as CEO of Bandera Gold ... Kelvin also runs a sleazy stock tout sheet website "Market Trend News" -

Richard Novis 

Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer 

Northern Explorations Ltd. (NXPN) 
Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer

International Oil & Gas, Inc. (IOGC)
Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard Novis. (604) 415-4531. 9521 Cardston Crt 804. Burnaby, BC V3N4R8

Cinco Minas Legal Representative disgusted by Bandera's actions

Spanish - to English translation (Google Translate)

Bandera Gold Ltd. announced and published information that will allow indirect Amparo 559/2009 and 390/2010 Amparo Directo under review, which corresponds to the index of the Fifth Court on Civil Matters for the Third Circuit, no real evidence that , given that the legal actions filed in various courts and tribunals have been inappropriate, they have been taken in different resources as is the review and has always resulted in the refusal to shelter and protection of the Mexican justice, it is noteworthy that to end a sentence and is being fulfilled not be enforceable and any other resource that is known in Mexican law. While recourse to judicial review to the Supreme Court's Office is also true that there are no elements that could distort what was said in the past by different judicial bodies (courts and tribunals), it appears that only Bandera Gold Ltd. non-thesis only attempts to manipulate that information to the Mexican Justice is very clear and lacks any legal reason, its different manifestations, why all the protections formless, substantiation and truthfulness of the events and claimed them as to date has occurred in any trial they have been covered.

The information discussed is important to make it known, as investors Bandera Gold Ltd, have provided data are apocryphal society, with the sole purpose of prolonging the time in court decisions pending before the Mexican courts, and so gain more time so they do not clarify the facts and thus benefit from the actions of certain investors in Bandera Gold LTD.

Importantly, Bandera Gold Ltd., lacks initiative in investing lawful, as their means to investors is by deception, a mere contract Joint Venture of $ 9,000,000 USD with minimum down payment of 50,000 USD and partial payments of contract which were never fulfilled by Bandera Gold Ltd. and contrary to this, if your finances are reported to the foreign authority that were paid to Minera San Jorge, Minera Amajac and Five Mines, and this is not true, as without proof in Mexico is important to note that Bandera Gold Ltd, do not have any expectation of making any investment tender dark and full of deceit getting investors who invest in a mine which has a different owner that manifests Bandera Gold Ltd not have possession, does not even have documents that are legally registered with the Directorate General of Mines and other competent authorities, as witnesses are the same people and ejidatarios who did not allow access to anyone belonging to companies Bandera Gold Ltd MINERA SAN JORGE, VARIABLE CAPITAL CORPORATION, MINING AND MINING COMPANY Amajac FIVE MINES, CORPORATIONS CAPITAL VARIABLE, BARNETT GEORGE SALAZAR AND / OR GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT AND / OR JORGE SALAZAR BARNETT ejidatarios have extendable documents, and as a contract terminated by the ejidatarios themselves for breach of contract because it failed to meet its obligations to the ejidatarios and the village of Cinco Minas Hostotipaquillo Jalisco. -SUMMARY-ejidatarios LOT of five pounds, signed a user contract with Minera San Jorge area, VARIABLE CAPITAL CORPORATION, MINING AND MINING COMPANY Amajac CINCO MINAS, CORPORATIONS CAPITAL VARIABLE, BARNETT GEORGE SALAZAR AND / OR GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT AND / OR JORGE SALAZAR BARNETT, which has already been terminated by the ejidatarios, it sounds illogical that any of the aforementioned companies to enter the lot five pounds, to invest and work.

Bandera Gold Ltd. and Minera San Jorge SA de CV promise and sign the contract before a notary public Hostotipaquillo ejidatarios, Cinco Minas better working conditions and promised to support all the above has documentary evidence such as that signed the contract itself, photographs and videos Hostotipaquillo residents were living Cinco Minas EXTREME POVERTY BY LACK lack of jobs and hoping to work so that today the new company Southridge MINERALS INC. Meets all quality standards and legal resources, as well as commitments to the people and their representatives.


Bandera Gold LTD anunció y publicó información de que le van conceder el Amparo indirecto 559/2009, así como Amparo Directo en revisión 390/2010, el cual corresponde al índice del Quinto Tribunal Colegiado en Materia Civil del Tercer Circuito, testimonios que carecen de verdad, toda vez que, los amparos presentados en diversos Tribunales y Juzgados han sido improcedentes, estos han sido llevados en diferentes recursos tal como lo es la revisión y siempre ha dado como resultado la negativa al amparo y protección de la justicia Mexicana; cabe mencionar que al poner fin a una sentencia y esta al ser ejecutoriada y cumplida no cabe ningún otro recurso que se conozca en la Legislación Mexicana. Si bien es cierto recurrieron al recurso de revisión ante la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, cierto es también que no hay elementos que puedan desvirtuar lo dicho en anteriores ocasiones por diferentes Organismos Jurisdiccionales, (Tribunales y Juzgados); solo queda de manifiesto que Bandera Gold L.T.D. sín tesis solo trata de manipular una información la cual ante la Justicia Mexicana es muy clara y carece de toda razón legal, sus diferentes manifestaciones, razón por la cual todos sus amparos carecen de forma, fundamentación y veracidad de los actos reclamados y estos como hasta la fecha a ocurrido en ningún juicio los han amparado.

La información expuesta es importante darla a conocer, ya que a los inversionistas de Bandera Gold LTD, se les han proporcionado datos apócrifos de la sociedad, con la única finalidad prolongar el tiempo de las resoluciones en los juicios pendientes ante los Tribunales Mexicanos, y así ganar más tiempo para que no se esclarezcan los hechos y así obtener beneficios de las acciones de ciertos inversionistas dentro de Bandera Gold LTD.

Es importante señalar a Bandera Gold LTD, carece de iniciativa en realizar inversiones licitas, ya que su medio para conseguir inversionistas son por medio de engaños, de un simple contrato Joint Venture, de $9,000,000 usd con pago inicial mínimo de 50,000 usd y pagos parciales del contrato los cuales nunca fueron cumplidas por parte de Bandera Gold LTD y contrario a esto, si aparecen declaradas en sus finanzas ante la autoridad extranjera que fueron pagados a Minera San Jorge, Minera Amajac, y Cinco Minas, y esto no es verdad, ya que carecen de comprobantes en México; es importante resaltar que Bandera Gold LTD, no cuentan con ninguna expectativa de realizar ninguna inversión licita haciéndolas oscuras y llenas de engaños consiguiendo inversionistas que invierten en una mina la cual tiene un dueño diferente al que manifiesta Bandera Gold LTD, tampoco cuentan con posesión, ni siquiera cuenta con documentos que estén registrados legalmente ante la Dirección General de Minas y las demás autoridades competentes, como testigos se encuentran los mismos pobladores y ejidatarios los cuales no les permiten el acceso a nadie que pertenezca a las empresas BANDERA GOLD LTD, MINERA SAN JORGE, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, MINERA AMAJAC Y COMPAÑÍA MINERA CINCO MINAS, SOCIEDADES ANÓNIMAS DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, GEORGE BARNETT SALAZAR Y/O GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT Y/O JORGE BARNETT SALAZAR los ejidatarios cuentan con documentos improrrogables, así como un contrato rescindido por los mismos ejidatarios por incumplimiento del contrato ya que no cumplió con las obligaciones contraídas hacia los ejidatarios y el pueblo de Hostotipaquillo Cinco Minas Jalisco. –SINTESIS- Los Ejidatarios del LOTE CINCO MINAS , celebraron un contrato de uso de superficie con MINERA SAN JORGE, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, MINERA AMAJAC Y COMPAÑÍA MINERA CINCO MINAS, SOCIEDADES ANÓNIMAS DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, GEORGE BARNETT SALAZAR Y/O GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT Y/O JORGE BARNETT SALAZAR, el cual ya fue RESCINDIDO, por parte de los ejidatarios, suena ilógico que alguna de las empresas antes mencionadas puedan entrar al lote CINCO MINAS, a invertir o trabajar.

Bandera Gold LTD y Minera San Jorge SA DE CV prometen y firman contrato ante notario público con ejidatarios de Hostotipaquillo, Cinco Minas mejores condiciones laborales así como apoyos prometidos de todo lo anterior se cuenta con pruebas documentales como el contrato en sí que firmaron, fotografías y videos que los habitantes de Hostotipaquillo Cinco Minas estuvieron viviendo CARENCIA EXTREMA DE POBREZA POR FALTA DE EMPLEO y la esperanza de trabajo por lo que al día de hoy la nueva empresa SOUTHRIDGE MINERALS INC. Cumple todos los estándares de calidad y legales necesarios, así como los compromisos para los habitantes y sus representantes.